Monday, October 31, 2016

Awesome Killer Moth cosplay at Stan Lee's Comikaze 2016

This weekend I went to Stan Lee's Comic Con (formally known as Comikaze) and found the most awesome Killer Moth cosplayer - his name is Caden and I think he did an amazing job on his costume!
Are you a Killer Moth cosplayer? Send a picture to me and I'll post it on the Society page!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Amazing Killer Moth cosplay!

There are so many great cosplayers out there on the internet and many of them are dressing up as the Killer Moth!

First up is Julie Wilhelm who makes a very fetching Killer Moth, don't you think?

4th Wall designs created this amazing resin Killer Moth helmet. I have to have one for myself!!

Check out his great gallery of photos here

This Killer Moth was spotted at Philly Con! I love all the details including the moth-symbol on the belt!

Another Killer Moth cosplayer (Jelloconcoction) was seen at WizWorld Chicago!

A homemade Killer Moth suit found online

Another great Killer Moth cosplayer seen at Stan Lee's Comikaze!

My Killer Moth helmet is off to all of these great cosplayers and their amazing costuming skills! One day I will have my own Killer Moth costume!



Killer Moth finally coming to Heroclix!

It's been 15 years since Heroclix - the superhero miniatures game - came out and for almost that entire time I campaigned endlessly to get the classic Killer Moth on the character roster.

(My own custom Killer Moth Heroclix)

My pal, Heroclix lead designer Seth Johnson, told me that he had Killer Moth on the "set-list" many times but he was always cut at the last minute.

However... Wiz-Kids recently announced that the classic Killer Moth is a part of their upcoming Joker's Wild set!!

Keep your eyes peeled for these Heroclix minis this November!

Killer Moth Lego Sets now on sale!

It's been 8 years since the Killer Moth showed up in the Batman Lego videogame and we're finally getting a Killer Moth Lego figure!! But not one, but two sets!

Out Now! is the Scarecrow Harvest of Fear set (76054) that comes with Killer Moth, Blue Beetle, Scarecrow, Batman and a terrified farmer as well as a cool batcopter, tractor and evil thresher!

The Killer Moth figure is a perfect representation of the character from the video game (and the silver age comic books!) - especially cool is his recessed red eyes and his "second face" of Cameron Van Cleer getting thwarted by the caped crusader!

Also later this year is coming a Killer Moth vs Batman two pack that comes with some sort of bug-mobile and a new version of Killer Moth. Could this be the Killer Moth as seen in the upcoming Lego Batman movie? Who knows! I just know it's a great time to be a Killer Moth fan!