Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Killer Moth in Batman: Arkham Asylum!

My pal, Scott Collyer, sent me screen shots that show that Killer Moth shows up in the new Batman: Arkham Asylum video game!

I don't know if Killer is a character that you fight or not during the game, but his bio can be found in the bonus material.

Killer Moth customs on the interwebs!

Here's a nifty little lego Killer Moth. I think the detail work on the chest and legs are quite well done!

Another Lego Killer Moth! Clever idea to use stickers for the legging stripes!

One more nicely made Killer Moth Lego. You'd think Lego would get the hint and make a "real" Lego Killer Moth set! A Lego Killer Moth Mobile would be awesome!

And finally, we have Killer Moth made from a Mighty Muggs. I wonder if DC Direct will finally get the hint and make a Killer Moth figure. Georg? I'm waiting...