Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Killer Moth heroclix!!

(Killer Moth heroclix mod by Scott Rogers)

As well as being the world's biggest Killer Moth fan, I am also a big fan of Wizkids' Heroclix game.

For years, I have been trying to convince their design teams to make a 'clix based on the silver age Killer Moth. According to their ex-lead designer, the Killer Moth was on their set lists twice only to be dropped both times.

Well, on Wizkids' blog, they're opening a contest for a fan-voted heroclix figure. I think to myself "this might be my only chance to get a Killer Moth made" - so, if you are a fan of heroclix and a fan of the Killer Moth (if you aren't, what are you doing on this blog??), then please help me out and take part in the democratic process and VOTE for the Killer Moth.

The Killer Moth thanks you.


Captain Fist said...

I love the Killer Moth!

Scott Rogers said...

Me too! Welcome!

Anonymous said...

gah, i've been waiting so long for a killer moth figure! (i use them for heroscape though). Can i still vote? the link didnt work.